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If you have any questions regarding the Pro Bins, the mounting systems, any of the installation requirements or simply wish to order by phone, please feel free to use our Toll-Free line for your convenience.

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Pro Bins

The Pro Bin allows you to store your guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing rods and reels, tackle, GPS, binoculars, power tools, rain gear, tow ropes, tie down straps, first aid kit, bungee straps, jack, hats, boots, gloves, jackets, chains, jumper cables, spare batteries, etc. safely and securely either under or behind the back seat of your pickup truck.

The Pro Bin is the industry leader for service in Trucks. Providing practical, Storage Units for Pickup Trucks.

Pro Bin:

The Pro Bin's job is simple. It provides easy access to cargo in a pickup truck on the job site, soccer field or grocery parking lot. Great for work or play, the Pro Bin's tough heavy duty polyethylene is virtually indestructible. DUHA Bins will haul what you need most and place it at your fingertips.

Made in the USA